Gökmen AKYÜREK, was born in 1977 in Mersin. Well known family member, Mr. Sabahattin Akyurek’s son and achieved a great success in pulses & grain sector.

Year 1965, this time was the period for the industry and commerce in the country. (( Nam_ in )) another Pulses Industry in Mersin, Mr. Sabahattin Akyurek was the inventor & well known. Agricultural expert from the four corners of Turkey, knocked his door for his invention which makes their jobs easier.

Mr. Sabahattin Akyurek with his brothers over the years build a company together. Organization specializing in seed improvement & seed processing technology, with hundreds of employees and turns into a large-scale formation.

This business adventure for Gökmen AKYÜREK, who has a Masters degree in Agricultural Processing Technology in 2000, was gained and included in his Higher Agricultural Engineers. At his father work, he was a good assistant, his position was as executive working around the clock. Strict follower and team supporter for Technology invention in the agricultural sector. All of these experience made him an owner.

First color sorting machines in Turkey SORT-AK, first of Excel Mobile Seed Cleaners and movable screening machine are just some of his invention with his team facility.

The Gökmen AKYÜREK business journey now continues with Gökmen Akyürek Technology. Tracing the newest technology in agricultural sector both in Turkey and in the world of machines, robot and trying to meet with the software, nonstop.

Gökmen AKYÜREK Technology Teknoyenilik adventure continues!



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